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Market analysis of plastic machinery industry

Due to the introduction of foreign advanced technology, China's plastic machinery industry has improved the technical level of products, coupled with the cost advantage of products, through actively exploring the international market, increasing the export of plastic machinery products is completely possible.

From the perspective of the future export countries and regions of China's plastic machinery products, the western European market has high requirements on the technical level and quality of products, which is still difficult for China to enter. Japan has high trade barriers and technology and is not a major export destination. Although the United States has a high level of technology, but the requirements are also multi-level, every year to import their own lack of or do not want to produce products, plastic machinery is one of them. At present, some of our products have entered the American market, and in the future, there will be some development.

Southeast Asian markets and Hong Kong are traditional export markets for plastic machinery, and demand in these regions is expected to increase during the tenth five-year Plan period, especially Vietnam.

In Recent years, due to the development of automobile, household appliances and communication industry, India has driven a large demand for plastic products, and the demand is expected to expand in the next few years. Therefore, India is China's plastic machinery products to actively explore the market.

Some oil countries and regions in the Middle East, such as Iran, the United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, etc., have high foreign exchange income and a growing demand for plastic machinery.

Russia and Eastern Europe have great potential and are also one of China's major markets. These countries do not have domestic plastic machine production capacity, rely on imports. In addition, South America and Africa are also potential markets for China's export of plastic machinery.

From the export of foreign exchange and the number of export products, it is estimated that in 2005 and 2010, the product will reach 17 million DOLLARS and 30 thousand dollars, the number of products will reach 10 thousand and 15 thousand sets respectively.

In short, from the perspective of market capacity, plastic machinery is an industry with great development potential, but also a promising sunrise industry.

Post time: Jun-03-2019