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Two common problems in the work of bellows forming machine

Bellows forming machine is the core equipment of bellows production. It is composed of forming mould, transmission system and control system. Its application scope has been expanded to various industrial fields.

There are two types of corrugation molding machines: vertical and horizontal. The vertical corrugation molding machine has the advantages of opening and closing the mold up and down, small floor area and compact structure, but it is difficult to replace the mold, especially the replacement of large-diameter mold. The horizontal corrugated forming machine has a large floor area because its forming mould is opened and closed horizontally, but it is much more convenient to replace the mould than the vertical one, because it is more widely used than it. The general small-diameter pipe adopts the integral mold, while the large-diameter pipe adopts the bracket mold because of its heavy weight and inconvenient replacement. When changing the diameter, only the core mold in the bracket needs to be replaced, which saves the mold manufacturing cost.

Two common problems in the work of bellows forming machine

(1) Irregular shape of outer wall ripple
① The matching accuracy of corrugated forming module is poor, and there is dislocation during clamping. The module shall be replaced or the operating speed synchronization of the module shall be adjusted.
② The transmission chain of bellows forming machine has accumulated pitch error due to wear, resulting in module clamping dislocation. The drive chain should be repaired or replaced.
③ Die temperature is too low. The die temperature should be properly increased.
④ Resin viscosity is too high. Replace the resin powder with low viscosity.
⑤ The barrel temperature is too low. The barrel temperature shall be properly increased

(2) Forming difficulty
① There is a problem with the quality of raw and auxiliary materials. Check whether the resin model and the quality of various additives are qualified.
② The head and module are not calibrated. The head and forming module should be recalibrated.
③ The barrel temperature is low. The barrel temperature shall be properly increased.
④ The moisture content of raw materials is high. The raw materials shall be dried.
⑤ The formula is unreasonable, and the amount of internal and external lubricants is too high. The formulation design should be adjusted appropriately.

Post time: Mar-16-2022