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China’s plastic machinery industry is good at fighting the epidemic

At present, the national epidemic prevention and control has entered a critical phase, and all industries and industries are using their own ways to release their energy and contribute to the fight against the epidemic. Plastic is an important raw material for epidemic prevention materials. As the industrial mother machine of the plastic industry, colleagues in China's plastic machinery industry are overcoming numerous difficulties, responding quickly and taking active actions to make important contributions to winning the battle against the epidemic.

1. As the epidemic has been effectively controlled across the country and enterprises and public institutions have resumed work one after another, the real-time dynamic of the wuhan epidemic has touched the hearts of hundreds of millions of Chinese people, and timely health and epidemic prevention has become the topic of most attention.

2. Due to the one-time medical and health care products and other needed supplies ran out, medical protection industry enterprises headed into return to work after the Spring Festival production, at the same time in order to prepare to return to work for enterprise employees and a line of medical personnel security, health protection and epidemic prevention requirements, according to the government public dining separate portions, lunch boxes, disposable knife and fork spoon and so on become a hard-to-get items on the market, There are a lot of urgent orders.

The customer mainly produces plastic paper cups, paper bowls and injection molded lunch boxes for the army and hospitals. In order to ensure the safe catering of front-line staff and solve the shortage of supplies affected by the epidemic, the customer resumed work and production immediately after the Spring Festival.

3. As the leader in the field of high speed machines, Ramada will organize the resumption of work in the first time after receiving the government's approval, so as to ensure that the customers of medical and health and epidemic prevention products can expand the production of supplies as soon as possible!

Post time: Mar-08-2022