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Definition and classification of plastic machinery market

According to modern marketing, a market is a collection of actual or potential buyers of a good or service. Therefore, the plastic machinery market is a collection of actual or potential buyers of plastic machinery. The plastic machinery buyers referred to here, they are often plastic processors, plastic products manufacturers, plastic machinery brokers, etc., the collection of these buyers constitute the plastic machinery market.

Plastic machinery market can be divided into a variety of categories, such as market scope, can be divided into domestic market and international market; According to the service object, can be divided into agricultural plastic machinery, mechanical and electrical. Industrial plastic machinery, but the more common method is to divide by product category. According to this method, the whole plastic machine market can be divided into kneader market, mixer market, mixer market, granulating machine market, dipping machine market, press market, injection molding machine market, extruder market, calender market, salivating machine market, as shown in Figure 2-2.

In addition to the above classification methods, the plastic machinery market can also be divided into high-end product market, mid-range product market and low-end product market according to the economic scale of product users. The high-end product market is mainly composed of some large enterprises or large-scale projects, they have high requirements for product performance, quality and reliability, and product price is a secondary factor. They tend to buy a large amount of one-time, but also more concentrated, often into series, complete sets of purchase, imported equipment is their first choice. The low-end product market is a group of users who are just starting out. They have small strength, little capital and weak technical strength. Their requirements for products are economical, often to buy small and medium-sized models. The mid-range product market is between the high-end product market and the low-end product market, and generally consists of small and medium-sized state-owned enterprises, collective enterprises and individual users with certain strength. Their product requirements are mainly cost-effective and service, generally choose domestic brand machine.

In addition, the plastic machinery market can also be divided into direct user market and intermediary market according to the industry value chain. The direct user market is the end user market of plastic machinery products, who buy products for the purpose of producing other products with it; Middlemen market is plastic machinery agents, dealers, exporters, etc., they buy products for the purpose of reselling for profit.

Post time: Feb-08-2022