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SJW Series Colourful Plastic Tile Production Line

Short Description:

SJW series colourful plastic tile forming machine co-works with the extruders and die head composing the production line which is used to produce PVC, PP, PC,PE material plastic tiles.

Plastic roof tiles are widely used in pavilions, hotels, villas, exhibition hall as well as home buildings.

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Product Features

1.Fire proof and corrosion resistance: the fire proof grade of synthetic resin tiles is B1 which meets the national standard of roof material. Corrosion resistance performance is also good. It will not be corroded even suffers the sun light, rainy and season altering.

2.Sound and Thermal Insulation: The synthetic resin tiles has a good sound and thermal insulation performance which blocks the noise outside of house. The external weather changes does not affect the room environment providing very good comfort for house living.

3.Thermal Expansion: The synthetic thermally expanses and cold shrink especially in the environment whose temperature is as low as -30℃. That is why the single resin length shall not exceed 6.5m and remained an about 75cm gap when installing to avoid the shape shifting because of thermal expansion and cold shrinkage.

4.Wind Proof: Resin tiles is light weight with high strength which is fixed by self tapping screw.

5.Environmental Protection: The resin tiles are made of environmental protection material without pollution.

6.Quick Installation: Roof resin tiles are able to be installed any time with high efficiency and easy operation without being affected by season.

Main Technical Parameters

Tracking speed(mm/min) 300-3680 Power Supply(kw) 10
Max Tracking force(KN) 20 Air supply(m³/min) 0.67
Center height(mm) 800 Air pressure(Mpa) 0.7
Total weight(kg) 4000 Water supply(m³/h) 0.5
Product width(mm) 800-1500 Product thickness(mm) 0.8-3

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