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SJ Series Single Screw Extruder

Short Description:

This machine is mainly used for soft & hard PVC, PE etc thermal plastic material extruding. It co-works with die head and assistant machine producing kinds of plastic products such as film, pipe, stick, panel, wire, strap, cable insulator and hollow products as well as granulating.

This machine adopts hard face gear box with low noise, stable running, bigger loading and longer working life etc and has the features as advanced design, high quality, good plasticity, lower power consumption.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Design Concept

1.High speed extruding based on high quality

2.Medium & low temperature plasticity concept guarantees the high quality of product extruding.

3.High hardness and degree of finish, low noise.

4.PLC intelligent control, convenient connection with assistant machine.

5.Strict temperature control system combines wind and water cooling together.

6.Comprehensive mixing design guarantees the mixing effect.

7.Supper pushing force bearing provides a high toque output.

Basic Structure

Single screw extuder is composed by pressing system, transmitting system and heating system.

Product Features

1.Hard face gear box; DC or AC CVT speed adjusting.

2.New type screw structure makes melt and mixing even and guarantee high production capacity with low melting temperature.

3.Cast copper or aluminum heater; wind or water cooling according to different requirements.

4.Barrel is made of special material and can be nitriding treated.

5.Advanced electric control system.

Advantages And Disadvantages

Advantages: Low price with simple design, wide application


1.The material transmission of single screw extruder rely on abrasion and this limits the material feeding performance, powder, mushy material, glass fiber and inorganic material is difficult to feed.

2.When the die head pressure gets high the contra-flow appears lowering producing efficiency.

3.The gas drainage effect of single screw extruder is not good.

4.Single screw extruder is not applicable to some producing procedure for example thermal setting material processing.

Main Technical Parameters

Model (L/D) Output(kg/h) Speed(r/min) Driving power(kw) Center Height(mm)
SJ-25 25/1 5 20-120 2.2 1000
SJ-30 25/1 10 20-180 5.5 1000
SJ-45 25-33/1 50-150 20-150 7.5-22 1000
SJ-65 25-33/1 60-250 20-150 15-90 1000
SJ-75 25-33/1 100-350 20-150 22-110 1100
SJ-90 25-33/1 180-550 20-110 30-185 1000-1100
SJ-120 25-33/1 320-800 20-90 55-280 1000-1250
SJ-150 25-33/1 400-1200 20-75 90-355 1000-1300

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