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SJSZ series Dual Cone Screw Extruder

Short Description:

Kinds of thermal plastic material especially hard PVC powder can be extruded to pipe, panel, sheet, film and profiles by the dual cone screw extruder by matching different screw and assistant machine. It can also be used to modify and granulate the plastic materials. The machine adopts DC speed adjustment or frequency converter speed control; vacuum gas drainage devices and ratio feeding device are also installed.

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Structure and Classification

Dual screw extruder is composed by power transmitting device, material feeding device, barrel and screws. The functions of every part are similar to the single screw extruder. The screws used for profile extruding are tightened engage together and counter rotate. In some special condition the screws co-rotate at lower rotating speed which is about 10RPM. High speed engaging and co-rotating facility is used in mixing, gas drainage or as the chemical reactor whose max rotating speed is 300-600 RPM.


Multi group heaters are applied in dual screw extruding system to control the stability of melted material, increase extruding speed. It helps greatly in material modification. Ratio feeding regularly works together with dual screw high speed extruder performs a very important role for the stability of large power forming machine.


Non-engaging extruder is different to the engaging extruder which is used in gas drainage, mixing and chemical reaction. The transmitting principle of non-engaging extruder is also different to the engaging type which is similar to the extruding principle with single screw extruder. They are totally different.

Main Technical Parameters

Screw ID 51/105 65/132 80/156 92/188
Screw quantity 2 2 2 2
Screw Rotation
(r/min) Screw  Speed 1-37 1-34.7 1-36.9 1-36.9
(mm) Screw effective Length 1065 1430 2082 2520
(kw) Main Power 18.5 37 55 90
(kw) Heating Power 10 24 36 48
(kg/h) Capacity 135 250 380 520
(mm)Center height 1000 1000 1000 1000
(kg)NET Weight 2500 5000 6500 7500
(mm)Dimension 3500*1100*2450 4235*1520*2450 4750*1550*2460 5190*1650*247

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